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For a long time, I have had these thoughts running back and forth across my mind, thoughts about the concept of a “Divine Conspiracy”. Now I’m working on putting these ideas on paper, even a couple of draft chapters.

Following is the first draft of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, followed by a provisional Table of Contents for the rest of the book.




The FBI and the CIA have been right all along. There is an international conspiracy against the government of the United States. The deepest fears of the political right and of the religious fundamentalists are based on reality. There is a plot to agitate and create dissatisfaction among the American people, and to undermine our political and economic system. I know that this is true. I myself am presently working for the conspirators.

Not only is this conspiracy aimed at the United States. More than that, its target is the entire, predominantly white western world. Its goal is the collapse of the powerful coalition of political, economic and militarized nations which are dominating and oppressing earth’s peoples, and consuming and destroying earth’s resources.

Where the FBI and the others have gone wrong, however, is in their attempt to identify the conspirators. They have been arming themselves against the wrong enemy. They have believed for decades they are fighting “communist conspiracies” and “foreign terrorist plots” such as El Qaeda and ISIS. They have called such persons as myself “terrorist co-conspirators”. However, the actual perpetuators of the conspiracy are far more fear-inspiring than any foreign terrorists and more formidable than the party of Marx and Lenin. It would not, in fact, be difficult to argue that those given the identity of “terrorists” are themselves unwitting tools of this conspiracy, which is greater than can be imagined.

After careful and prayerful consideration of the risks involved, I have decided to publicly reveal the identities of the conspirators. The developers of this subversive plot are not just one, but an alliance of three great powers. Each of them alone represents an enormous force. Together their strength is incalculable.

The first of the conspirators is an international collective composed of more than two-thirds of the world’s people who are poor and oppressed (codename “Wretched of the Earth”). They not only include those who are often called terrorists, but they represent an ever-widening variety of political ideologies, racial and ethnic identities and religious beliefs. Even though there is great diversity and often conflict among themselves, over the past century they have become increasingly unified in their opposition to the injustices and powerlessness that result from political and economic dependence on the predominantly white, western world. They have become increasingly hardened in their resolve to no longer live in poverty in order that a few of us might live in splendor. They have become increasingly intolerant of programs of development that serve as disguises for systems of economic exploitation. This widely divergent mass of people is almost instinctively aware that they are linked together by a common task: conspiracy to end the power and dominance of the predominantly white, western world over their lives.

The second participant, joining and actively cooperating in this conspiracy, is the very Creation Itself (Codename: “The Universe”). In open rebellion against disregard and destruction, against poison and pollution, against rape and ravage, the heavens and the earth are no longer willing to use their recuperative powers for the perpetuation of evil. They are permitting us to be sickened by the fouling of our own nests. As the earth runs out of resources, it is refusing to produce more for a technology designed for excess consumption and waste. From the bowels of the earth and from the immeasurable distances beyond the stars comes the cry of “ENOUGH”! Nature herself has joined the conspiracy to stop us, to bring to an end the power of the predominantly white, western world.

Finally, the third of the conspirators, more powerful than the others combined, is the Creator of the Universe, the Lord of History (Codename: “Yahweh”). It is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, of Rachel, Ruth and Rebecca, whose passion for a whole and just universe is as strong as ever, and whose anger toward those who oppress and destroy the creation is as fearful as ever.

As Yahweh has spoken through the prophets of old, so Yahweh speaks clearly to us now.

Thus says the Lord
He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God... I have begun to strike you down, making you desolate because of your sins. You shall eat, but not be satisfied, and there shall be a gnawing hunger within you; you shall put away, but not save, and what you save, I will hand over to the sword. You shall sow, but not reap; you shall tread olives, but not anoint yourselves with oil; you shall tread grapes, but not drink wine.
Micah 6:13-16

These are the words of the leader of the conspiracy, the inspirer of the alliance between the Creator, the Creation and the Wretched of the Earth. The title page of the current chapter of history, even now being written across the face of the earth, reads thusly: “Divine Conspiracy: The End of the White World is at Hand”!

Let it be known to the FBI, CIA or any others whose interest it is to search out, identify and destroy the conspirators, that their task is no small one. Already under development for centuries, the strength of the conspiracy is beyond measure. Its progress is so far advanced that it is unstoppable. The outcome of victory is inevitable.

The Divine Conspiracy is neither a crackpot’s fantasy nor a literary gimmick to gain attention. Rather, it is a serious statement about the determination of the Creator of the Universe to prevent the destruction of the Creation and the continued oppression of the Wretched of the Earth. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, these efforts to stop our madness are clear and discernible. The future of the white, western world depends on whether we see them, hear them, and take them seriously.


The Divine Conspiracy is not a new phenomenon. Those who are familiar with the Judeo-Christian Scriptures and with the history of Judeo-Christian thought will recognize it as a familiar concept, fundamentally related to the optimism and hope which underlie both Jewish and Christian faiths.

Indeed, not only in Judaism and Christianity, this theme is deeply rooted in the message of most of the world’s religions. Wherever one touches down in the history of humankind, there is a struggle between good and evil, between forces of freedom and justice, and forces of oppression. The Biblical writers and other teachers of sacred religions do not treat this struggle with cynicism, but rather as a great sign of hope that all forces of evil, including the devices of the most powerful tyrants will fail again and again in their efforts to smother the human spirit’s desire for freedom. In this continuing struggle is seen an unending and indestructible movement toward wholeness.

While this is a truth that is broadly understood in most of the world’s religions, I shall here focus on the teachings of the Judeo-Christian faiths. Consistently, the writers of Scriptures detect in this movement toward wholeness and freedom the unfailing hand of the Creator. All the activities of the Lord of History are seen as leading human history and all of creation to their ultimate destiny: The Beloved Community and the Reign of God. The means which God uses to accomplish this goal not only include that which in modern times has become scientifically measurable evolutionary movement, but additionally and sometimes seemingly inconsistently, in unpredictable and erratic ways: manipulating the otherwise consistent force of nature – i.e. the sun stands still, waters part – as well as through direct involvement in politics. It is not at all unusual to find God described as forming secret coalitions and alliances and participating in collusion and plots with all sorts of people and nations. It is this kind of activity in history which easily fits the description of Divine Conspiracy.

Before proceeding further to describe the movement of divine conspiracy in our own time, we might do well to take a close look at its existence in times past. Of course, simply recalling that God has once before or even many times acted similarly, is not sufficient proof to that such a God-inspired subversive plot is taking place once again in the present. However, the establishing of historical precedent may help dispel the notion that such ideas are beyond consideration.

There is in fact a quite familiar type of biblical story that repeatedly pictures God in this conspiratorial role. It is almost always a story about a people whom God loves, a people who have wandered away from God, from God’s teachings and from doing God’s will in the world. Thy have become unjust, an oppressive people. The story usually describes God using every means of persuasion possible to convince God’s people to come back, to once again be God’s people, do God’s will, to fulfill the purpose for which they were created.

In the early part of each of these stories, God is found pleading, begging, cajoling, promising and threatening the people. God sends messengers, prophets, angels and enemies, friends and fools, whoever is available at the particular moment of need. God sends Abraham to Sodom, Moses to the Pharaoh, Jonah to Nineveh, Isaiah to Israel. The message is always a call for repentance, a call to come back to the covenant, back to the family, to do justice, to become human, to act like the people of God. At the same time, the message also carries with it an implicit or explicit threat: if they do not come back, if they do not relent and repent, there will be disastrous results.

Occasionally, as with the story of Jonah at Nineveh, the people do respond and repent; they do return to renewed and more just relationships with God and with each other. However, the biblical records also report that more often than not the people ignore the message, kill the messengers, and continue in their unjust ways. In doing this, they set themselves up for trouble, they bring upon themselves the wrath of God.

As the story goes, a point is eventually reached when God considers that the people have gone too far. The have tried God’s patience too much. They have passed the point of no return. Their actions have for too long resulted in the oppression of the poor and powerless, in the spoiling of creation and in their own self-destruction. They either will not or cannot stop on their own volition. They are out of control. For their own sake and for the sake of creation itself, these wayward people must be stopped.

This is the point where the story takes its most serious turn: God begins to plot the downfall of God’s own people. Forming one of those strange alliances, God seems to welcome almost anyone’s participation in the plan, so long as they have the same objective in mind. God seems willing to consider almost any strategy or tactic, so long as it accomplishes the task at hand The Creator of the Universe forms all kinds of coalitions, often including participation of the very Creation Itself, to carry out activities that cannot be mistaken for anything but a Divine Conspiracy to stop a people who have lost control of themselves and whose destructiveness has become too threatening for the world around them.

There follows an amazing demonstration of an angry God in action. Rejected are all-too-late pious expressions of contrition and pledges of allegiance. God is no longer waiting for signs of repentance. God decrees the tearing down of political and economic systems that were once thought sacred. Rebellion against law and order is understood as God-inspired. With a firm hand, God turns back the onslaught of armies. Like a surgeon cutting away a cancer, God is willing that this people-loved-by-God should lose virtually everything in the hope of saving them in the process, in the hope of making them whole again.

The story comes to a rapid conclusion. Walls tumble, cities fall, kings abdicate, centuries old systems collapse in the face of irresistible power. All resistance is silenced. The people are subdued, often sent into exile, dispersed on long journeys and strange pilgrimages to places where they never intended to go, and from which there is always the question of whether they will return. From these strange and far off lands come the lonely cries of defeat and abandonment.

However, the story’s conclusion is not, as one might anticipate, this miserable state of doom and destruction. There is more to come. The story has a final chapter or an epilogue or is part of a continuing serial. There are new and better stories yet to be told. Remember, these are people whom God loves. The Divine Conspiracy’s intention was never to be destructive, but rather reconstructive. It was only the people’s stubborn resistance that made the story come out this way.

Each of the biblical stories of Divine Conspiracy points beyond itself to the possibility of a new day still to come. Despite the tragedy, there is a message of promise and hope. The worst is now over. The time is coming soon when there will be a return, a restoration, a rebuilding, a resurrection for the people of God. The Divine Conspiracy is not an effort to bring death and destruction, but to bring healing and wholeness. God is not only plotting to stop evil and injustice that cannot or will not stop on its own; it is also a plot to bring grace to God’s people.

Wherever one looks in the Bible, this story with a double message of conspiracy and promise can be found. The Divine Conspiracy was at work both casting Adam and Eve from the garden and at the same time promising the garden’s restoration. The Divine Conspiracy was at work bringing not only a disastrous flood but also an ark with the rainbow sign. The Divine Conspiracy was at work bringing Israel out of slavery, tempering her in the desert, carrying her into a new land, sending her back into exile, then once again promising her a new day. From the Christian perspective, the Divine Conspiracy reached its highest pinnacle in the birth, death and resurrection of Christ. And even then, it still continued beyond the resurrection, down through the centuries, with God’s dealing with the church as it see-sawed its way through 2000 years of history, doing and failing to do the will of God. Finally, the Divine Conspiracy is still at work in our time, calling to account our systems of injustice and brokenness, and in doing so, providing another great sign of the coming of the Kingdom of God.



By Joseph Barndt


Chapter 1.

THE FBI WAS RIGHT (first draft completed)

Chapter 2.

CONSPIRACY’S PRECEDENT (first draft completed)

Chapter 3.


  • Global Conditions and definitions
  • The Imprisonment of Oppressed and Oppressor

Chapter 4.


  • What are the Goals of the Divine Conspiracy
  • Signs and symbols of the Divine Conspiracy’s achievement


Chapter 5.


  • Refocusing the Exodus story as a document of political/economic liberation, and especially on the historical role of the western church in depoliticizing and spiritualizing its meaning.

Chapter 6.


  • A parody of the western church. The First Church of Ramses II holds its annual convention, and deliberates on the Hebrew problem. Programs of social service are reported on, resolutions on social action are debated, and Moses’ brother Aaron is the banquet speaker.

Chapter 7.


  • By projecting ourselves back into the Exodus story, an examination of our identity as an oppressor people, of the means by which change takes place through the Divine Conspiracy, and of our potential for having positive identities and roles in the conspiracy, as “Dissenting Oppressors".


Chapter 8.


  • Using the Exodus style of storytelling, a description of the Divine Conspiracy in our midst.

Chapter 9.


  • God hears the cries of the people and promises relief.

Chapter 10.


  • The people who are oppressed in Africa, Latin America, Asia and North America resist and rebel.
  • Nature -the land, the resources and the systems- resists and rebels.


Chapter 11.


  • Theology Of Liberation For Oppressors The inevitable success of the Divine Conspiracy, results also in the possibilities for new life for the white, western world.
  • New Roles for Dissenting Oppressors - Dissenting Oppressors can be in harmony with the Divine Conspiracy and participate in its success.
  • A recovery of the Gospel for the western church and world that is not individualized, spiritualized or elitist, and that offers the possibility of hope for a future reconstruction of our culture and Systems.