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Introduction to Blogpage D -
“Places Where I’ve Done Time”

This Blogpage will be a new writing experience for me, an experiment in storytelling. In 1972, the prolific author and dramatist William Saroyan published a book entitled “Places Where I’ve Done Time”. It is a delightful set of anecdotes, most of them 2 or 3 pages long, each of them a story depicting an aspect of Saroyan’s personal life. Each story is independently enjoyable, yet they are all linked in a way that contributes to a view of Saroyan’s life.

I have often thought about writing something that follows this Saroyan model, and this Blogpage is my opportunity to do that. Over an extended period of time, I intend to write a series of anecdotes, each of which will depict an aspect of my life as an observer and/or actor as a justice/anti-racist organizer in some part of the world. I don’t think my life story is interesting enough to be a best seller, but I do look forward to sharing a few experiences with some good friends.

The blog will not have a table of contents, and there is not a specific plan or a schedule of producing these anecdotes. They will take shape in a slowly emerging way, interspersed with the other three Blogpagess on this website, and as a narrator I expect to be no less surprised than you the reader, to read what is in these anecdotes.

As is the case with the other blogs in my website, you will be notified each time a new contribution to “Places Where I’ve Done Time” appears (assuming I have your email).